A Prayer for Australia – February 2020

Almighty God, we pray for this world that you love so much and the special part of the world called Australia.

We pray for the continuing safety of those still sheltering from the fires and we pray for those impacted by flooding, for those facing evacuation from storms and rising water and for those in the path of worsening weather conditions.

We pray for livestock, native animals, bushland and sacred places.

We pray for those tending to the injured, the frightened and the broken hearted; for emergency service personnel, for political and community leaders, for broadcasters, chaplains and councillors.

We ask your forgiveness for our own failure in safeguarding your good creation and pray that you will lead in the examination of this crisis to bring solutions that are equitable and just.

Above all, we pray for the peace that passes all understanding, in our nation, in all our homes and in our hearts.
This we ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. AMEN

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