One man’s vision for South Sudan

Kassimiro Yanga, himself a refugee from South Sudan and now settled with his family in Coffs Harbour, NSW, believes that the future of South Sudan lies with the children of the country. He said that it only takes one child to successfully complete their education to make a significant difference to the country in the future. In short, education is empowerment. Kassimiro said that many Sudanese people simply cannot afford to receive an education. In fact, education is not a priority in South Sudan, and all schools in the region require payment.

Kassimiro described that ethnic conflict over many years, in addition to the devastating famine of 1990 in South Sudan, has resulted in widespread deprivation, not only in Juba, which is the capital of the Republic of South Sudan, but across all of the ten regions that comprise Southern Sudan, which gained independence in 2011. He said that many people subsist and live in abject poverty and that farming of any kind is very difficult due to the hostile environment. He said that children are required to work hard in the fields and tend the animals, and that due to the atrocities and barbarity of war, many of the children are orphans and many of the parents are without their partners.

images (1)Against this background, and with a mission of hope, the South Sudan Children’s Education Fund Inc, which has just been granted charitable status. was set up in 2014 under the auspices of the Coffs Harbour Council of Churches. Kassimiro said that the purpose of the SSCEF is to assist the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, to overcome poverty through education of the country’s disadvantaged children.

The Auxiliary Bishop/Vicar General of Catholic Archdiocese of Juba, Santo Loku Plo Doggale, will oversee the distribution of funds raised here in Australia and he has given a guarantee that he will ensure that all the monies raised will be directed to the schools in which the children are able to be educated. In fact, Santo Loku Pio Doggale, in his most recent letter to the Rev. David Morgan, Chairperson of the SSCEF, acknowledged the receipt of $1800 USD for the support of school children in Juba, and also noted that, “Thank you for all your support at this critical moment where hunger is also now rocking our population”.

Kassimiro and the SSCEF have outlined a number of aims and objectives in relation to South Sudan including,

the aim to restore dignity to war torn families of South Sudan through helping to secure a future for the children through education.

to reduce child labour and slavery by keeping disadvantaged children at school to gain the skills needed for gainful employment.

to empower families and communities to better meet their own needs through the education of their youth.

to build a network of friendship and support between the establishment of Australian partnerships with the South Sudanese people.

to raise awareness of the crisis in South Sudan, especially in the ravaged villages where schooling is impossible for the poor.

to facilitate communication between Sudanese students and their Australian partners.

There are a number of eligibility criterion for participation including that,

children from low income families, or destitute children, will be accepted into the program

the child, parent or carer must be a resident of South Sudan living in one of the ten states 

applications will need to be completed for each child by their parent or carer

all forms must be signed by the chief, village priest or the community leader

Help us to help South Sudan and as you can appreciate, our needs are ongoing and every tax deductible contribution, no matter how small or large, brings hope and help, creating an opportunity through positive education to reclaim lives from the debilitating effects of poverty and war.

Please donate to,

Bananacoast Community Credit Union

Account Name: South Sudan Children’s Education Fund
BSB: 704328
Acc No. 239591

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