Letter from Most Revd Suheil S. Dawani

Dear Rev Morgan,

I wish to thank Coffs Harbour Council of Churches for their very generous gift of 3,041.88 USD. This wonderful donation will greatly assist the work of the Al Ahil Arab Hospital in Gaza, which treats anyone who comes to their doors, regardless of faith or financial situation.

Last year we heard of a young man who had been shot in the back. He visited many hospitals but none of them would treat him. He eventually went to the Al Ahil Hospital where he found good treatment and care. This is the presence of the Christian Church in this land.

The hospital is also developing their services for patients with cancer. Although at present they have the equipment and knowledge to diagnose the condition, patients have to leave Gaza to receive treatment. Permission to leave the area can take several months, which is not helpful for the patients. Thankfully, during the ;last few months links have been made with an establishment in America, to acquire the equipment, knowledge and skills to actually treat patients in the hospital. This will be life enhancing for the people of Gaza.

Thank you again for your kindness and be assured that we will remember you in our prayers and give thanks for allowing us to continue our work.

Grace and Peace

Most Revd Suheil S. Dawani
Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem
Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

June 2nd 2017

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