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    Christmas Bowl Appeal 2018

    St Augustines Parish Church Coffs Harbour
    In a world where too many people are facing pain, suffering and injustice, supporting the Christmas Bowl appeal is still an essential act of compassion, just as it has been since its humble beginnings in 1949.

    The story of the Christmas Bowl has now become a key part of the history of Christian compassion in Australia. On Christmas Day 1949 the Reverend Frank Byatt of Victoria placed an empty bowl on the dinner table and asked his guests to give a gift to bring relief and hope to refugees who had fled the horrors of World War II. 

    Rev Byatt could never have known that his simple act would grow into the incredible outpouring of love and compassion it’s become today. Last year alone, people like you helped to raise a record-breaking $2.5 million for those around the world who are suffering hardship and hunger. 

    As well as being a much loved ecumenical tradition, the Christmas Bowl appeal is a demonstration of unity for Christians in Australia. “Making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3), the Christmas Bowl brought together 1,800 churches from 19 denominations last year to help those in need. 

    Sadly, the Christmas Bowl is needed now more than ever, with unprecedented numbers of people displaced around the world and millions more suffering from severe hunger. Supporting the Christmas Bowl is a powerful act of faith and love as well as a tangible act of solidarity. By taking part, we’re affirming that every displaced or hungry person is an individual worthy of empathy and compassion. 

    This year, we’re helping hard working farming families in Zimbabwe who are struggling to feed their children after suffering the worst drought in 35 years. We’ve already taught hundreds of farmers new techniques that can save lives, but so many more are in need of help. 

    By supporting the Christmas Bowl this year, your act of compassion will help make a life-changing difference to the people who need it most.